20 Glimmering Candle Tattoos

20 Glimmering Candle Tattoos

Candle tattoos have bold and poignant design that can have as much meaning as you like. It looks great and sophisticated.
A symbol of guidance and enlightenment candle tattoos are a popular design that can take on almost any meaning a person wants. Candle tattoos are often part of a larger tattoo or follow a theme that runs over the persons body. Whether they are done in a simple style or a more creative design candle tattoos all have a captivating aura that draws you in. The luminous nature of a candle has a strong association with life, a candle with a brightly burning flame can be seen as a representation of life, whereas an extinguished candle could be seen as the end of life or death.
Burning, melted, extinguished, whatever type of candle you go for you won't be sorry, candle tattoos are an awesome tattoo that most people can relate to and find meaning in depending on their own circumstances. Let these candles brighten your day and give you some guidance on what candle tattoo is right for you!
Candle Bottle Tattoo by Laura Yahna
Candle Tattoo
Great Tattoo by Alexandre Wuillot
Filler Piece by Cassandra Frances
Tattoo by Chong Tramontana
Awesome Tattoo by Christian dr
Extinguished Candle by Dan Molloy
Candle Rose by Electrographic Tattoo
Skeletal Piece by Emmanuel Mendoza
Candle Tattoo by Jamison Stagaard
Traditional Style by Joe Ellis
Solid Linework Tattoo by LTW Tattoo Studio
Melted Candle and Skull by Luke Jinks
Candle and Rose Tattoo
Solid Work by Mitch13
Brilliant Tattoo by Pari Corbitt
Candle Tattoo by Phil Hatchet-Yau
Epic Candle Tattoo by Piranha Tattoo Studio
Filler Candle Tattoo by Ryan Brown
artist unknown
If you're after some more realistic candle tattoos then check these 15 Dazzling Candle Tattoos!
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