20 Great Old School Horse Tattoos

20 Great Old School Horse Tattoos

Traditional tattoos are tattoos at their finest, bold, bright and simple they are what a tattoo should be.
Of course choosing the traditional tattoo that's right for you isn't always easy, if the classic panthers, daggers and eagles aren't for you, you can find yourself a little stumped...but what about some old school horse tattoos?
Old school horse tattoos primarily take shape in the classic pharaohs horses design, but a single horse can also make a great old school tattoo! A symbol of freedom, energy, life and intelligence horse tattoos are a dynamic tattoo that is a little less common in the traditional style. Whether it's galloping, standing or even just a head, an old school horse tattoo is a brilliant tattoo that can be as creative or traditional as you like, throw in a horseshoe or a rose and you've got a tattoo that harks back to the early days of western tattooing! Old school horse tattoos rock and these 20 great tattoos will show you why you need one!!
Blackwork Horse Tattoo by Mike Adams
Horse Dagger Tattoo by Dave Ball
Horse Dreamcatcher Tattoo by Jen Munford
Bold Hand Tattoo by Zach Nelligan
Horse Rose Tattoo by Hamish Clarke
Creepy Horse Tattoo by Mario Desa
Horse Snake Tattoo by Josh Mason
Great Tattoo by Ben Bramzell
Awesome Piece by Capilli Tupou
Simple Beauty by Cassandra Frances
Bright Work by Drew Cottom
Horse Tattoo by Frank William
Tattoo by Johann Ingemar
Horse Tattoo by Josh Stephens
Brilliant Tattoo by Matthew Houston
Horse Tattoo by Mimi Wunsch
Cool Chest Piece by Nick Luit
Ride Fast by Nick Mayes
Bold Horse Tattoo by Ryan Cooper Thompson
Woman Horse Tattoo by Johann Ingemar
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