20 Intense Butterfly And Moth Tattoos

20 Intense Butterfly And Moth Tattoos

Butterfly and moth tattoos can be awesome, and enhance some parts of the body, such as chest, abdominal region and back.
The life of butterflies and moths is intense, at the same time brief, astonishing and beautiful. With their fascinating cycle of life and their stunning yet fragile wings, they are loved by many people. Some people prefer daylight species, with their bright colors, association with flowers and social life. Others will favor night moths, with their dark look. If you never have enough butterfly tattoos and moth tattoos, then take a look at these sumptuous specimens...
Fantastic split tattoo by Antony Flemming!
Badass torso piece by Aries Rhysing.
Elegant tattoo by Business for Satan.
Precious piece by Chris Rigoni.
Fun one by Chris Stockings.
Terrific male underboob (!) by Dan Molloy!
Gorgeous tattoo by Daniel Meyer.
Stylish colors by Georgina Tattoo.
Great dotwork by Marcin Brzezinski.
Epic chestpiece by Markus Lenhard!
Creative tattoo by Maud Dardeau.
Rad one made at Moth And Rose Tattoo!
Please credit.
Credit if you can.
Nice chestpiece by Ron Smith.
Fancy one by Sam Smith.
Poetic little tattoo by Sol.
Elegant piece by Yliana Paolini.
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