20 Trusty Knife Tattoos

20 Trusty Knife Tattoos

Dagger tattoos are a classic tattoo design, but they differ from the other knife tattoos out there.
A dagger is a knife with the primary purpose and use of being a weapon, other knives have the sole purpose of cutting and slicing- not killing!! Unlike a dagger tattoo a knife tattoo has a more realistic feel and they are commonly inspired by knives used on a daily basis like a kitchen knife or a small pocket knife. A great tattoo for any budding chef or just about anyone who likes sharp implements knife tattoos are a creative alternative to traditional dagger tattoos!
With an old school flair a knife tattoo can be done very similar to a classic dagger design with banners and roses but still have its own unique look and style. A little more personal than a dagger tattoo, knife tattoos can be inspired by a persons work or hobbies. If you're interested in a knife tattoo, but don't want to go down the old school dagger route then have a look at these 20 trusty knife tattoos and be inspired!
Awesome Cleaver Tattoo by Heath Clifford
Folding Knife Tattoo by Philip Yarnell
Knife Heart Tattoo by Marcus Nordebäck
Great Details by Chicho Calveila
Old School Inspired Knife Tattoo by Jeroen van Dijk
Knife Tattoo by Matt Houston
Lovely Pocket Knife Tattoo by Cassandra Frances
unknown artist
Black and Grey by Amanda Abbott
Knife Tattoo by Michele L'Abbate
Chef Knife Tattoo by Oliver White
Classic Buck Knife by Jacob McCallum
Great Piece by Rafael De La Lande
Knife Tattoo by Ryan Cooper Thompson
Ornate Pocket Knife Tattoo by Justin Turkus
Creative Tattoo by Philip Yarnell
Switchblade Tattoo by Marcus Nordeback
Unknown Artist
artist unknown
Knife Tattoo by Oliver White
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