20 Venomous Snake Head Tattoos

20 Venomous Snake Head Tattoos

We've all heard the old idiom to cut off the head of the snake.
It relates to taking out your enemies leadership so the enemy is easier to deal with, but did you know the head of a snake makes a badass tattoo??
Snake tattoos come in all manner of shapes and sizes, you have your general snake tattoos, Japanese snake tattoos and of course the classic skull and snake tattoo. Though you don't always have to go full snake!! Snake head tattoos are a great option for those after a badass snake tattoo but only have a little space to work with, they're likewise a great traditional tattoo sleeve filler!! Bright and bold a snake head tattoo has all the awesomeness that comes with any other snake tattoo, just without the tail end...
We all know the heads the coolest part anyway, big eyes, bigger fangs, the best part of a snake tattoo is its head, so why not make it into its own dedicated piece of ink!! Naturally you can add a dagger or two to really intensify a snake head tattoo, but even alone it looks seriously badass! Just take look at these 20 venomous snake head tattoos!
Cobra Head Tattoo by Mario Desa
Snake Head and Dagger Tattoo by Rich Hadley
Snake Head Rose Tattoo by Jonathan Reina
Cobra Head Tattoo by Thomas Flanagan
Colorful Tattoo by Eli Falconette
Great Little Hand Tattoo by Rich Hardy
Awesome Piece by Andrea Giulimondi
Cool Snake Head Sword Tattoo by Johann Ingemar
Killer Work by Chad Koeplinger
Snake Head Tattoo by Deno Jr
Epic Tattoo by Dustin Barnhart
Sick Hand Tattoo by Jonas Nyberg
Snake Head Woman Tattoo by Bryan Wade Bechtol
Snake Head Tattoos by Last Sparrow Tattoo
Hardcore Tattoo by Rich Hadley
Fierce Tattoo by Tomas Garcia
Snake Head Tattoos by Jonas Nyberg
Snake Woman Tattoo, unknown artist
Snakes Head Tattoo by Deno Jr
Another Great Piece by Last Sparrow Tattoo
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