21 Fun-Loving Hyena Tattoos

Often seen as a cowardly scavenger the hyena is overlooked by many.
Perhaps they're best known for being the cackling bad guys in the Lion King, but hyenas are actually a rather beautiful animal and make for some great tattoos! In Middle Eastern culture hyenas, specifically striped hyenas, are seen as symbols of stupidity and treachery, but in reality hyenas are actually quite intelligent and determined animals. A group of hyenas have been known to drive of leopards and lions from their kills!!
Hyena tattoos aren't exactly a common animal tattoo, you really have to love the animal to put it in ink. Though that said these hyena tattoos may convince you to get one! Admittedly they don't have the same impression as a bold tiger but hyena tattoos are a unique tattoo that carries a lot of energy and movement. If you're interested in a tattoo to show your high energy and playful nature then a hyena tattoo could be your ideal design! Check these ones out and enjoy some great ink in the process!