22 Feisty Boar Tattoos

22 Feisty Boar Tattoos

It may be small but a wild boar is an animal not to be taken lightly.
Aggressive and unrelenting in its attacks boars have long been associated with warriors and fighting spirit. In Norse, Germanic and Anglo-Saxon tradition the boar was a symbol of a warrior and fighters would often decorate their armor and weapons with an image of a boar. Celts actually considered the boar to be a sacred animal and one to be respected. The courage of a boar has also seen admiration from hunters fall upon the feisty little creature, historically some Japanese hunters would even name their sons after the animal!!
Boar tattoos are most frequently done in a bold traditional style with bright shading and thick lines. Often taking inspiration from the aggressive nature of boars, boar tattoos can have an angry and menacing theme making for some fearsome ink! Great as part of a traditional sleeve or as a standalone piece boar tattoos are as intense and powerful as the animal itself!! So enjoy these 22 feisty boar tattoos!!
Boar Knee Tattoo by Joe Ellis
Great Tattoo by J M Piranha Sancho
Bold Tattoo by David Tevenal
Fierce Piece by Dmitriy Tabachin
Boar Tattoo by Gianni Orlandini
Boar Tattoo by Greg Christian
Angry Looking Boar by Ivan Efinenko
Bright Boar Tattoo by Jen Munford
Awesome Work by Jimmy Duvall
Creative Warrior Boar Tattoo by Joe Frost
Boar tattoo
Traditional Style Boar Tattoo by Matt Beckerich
Boar Tattoo by Mauro Quaresima
Boar Chalice Tattoo by Miss Arianna
Linework Boar Tattoo by Nomi Chi
Old School Boar Tattoo by Philip Yarnell
Dramatic Boar Tattoo by Rachi Brain
Boar Tattoo by Seth Wood
Boar tattoo
unknown artist
Vase Boar Tattoo by Paul Dobleman
Winged Boar Tattoo by Greggletron
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