25 Dynamic Doctor Who Inspired Tattoos

25 Dynamic Doctor Who Inspired Tattoos

These Doctor Who inspired tattoos will have you wanting your own Time Lord ink!
Doctor Who has shaped the world of science fiction more than any other TV program. First shown in 1963 Doctor Who follows the adventures of the Doctor, a time and space travelling humanoid alien and the greatest Time Lord ever!! With his trusty TARDIS (a sentient time-travelling spaceship, that looks like a blue British police box) and loyal, though frequently changing, companions the Doctor travels the universe helping those he can and encountering all manner of good and bad alien life. Having the ability to regenerate when mortally wounded or seriously ill there have at present been 12 incarnations of the Doctor, with his two hearts and witty charm it is no surprise people honor the show with some Doctor Who inspired tattoos!
Whether it's a watercolor TARDIS, traditional style Sonic Screwdriver or realistic portrait of the Doctor, they have the power to inspire! So get ready to go full Sci-Fi with these dynamic tattoos inspired by our favorite suit wearing alien!!
Beautiful Clara Oswald Tattoo by Anki Michler
Artist unknown
Awesome Work by Kristin Bonafide
Gallifreyan Watch Tattoo by Yanina Viland
Daleks Tattoo by Fat Manu
artist unknown
Matt Smith Tattoo by Trevor Wiggins
artist unknown
TARDIS Tattoo by Travis Lane
New School Doctor Who Tattoo by Mat Lapping
Artist unknown
unknown artist
Spilt In Time Tattoo, unknown artist
Love This Tattoo by Tiffany LeMeaux
Bold Tattoo by Shane Sudduth
Sonic Screwdriver Tattoo, unknown artist
Realistic portrait
Time Lord Tattoo by Alex Witts
Time Lord Heart Tattoos by Anderson Luna
Great Piece by Travis Litke
artist unknown
The Doctor by Chris Jones
Amazing Time Lord Tattoo by SinCity Tattoo and Piercing Studio
Tenth Doctor Tattoo, artist unknown
Watercolor Tardis Tattoo by Brent Olson
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