25 Flawless Crystal Tattoos

25 Flawless Crystal Tattoos

Crystal tattoos are popular design, done in bright and bold colors or even as a linework only piece, either way they look brilliant.
For thousands of years crystals have fascinated humans, and crystal tattoos continue that legacy. Crystals are commonly associated with spiritual and supernatural powers and the abilities of wisdom, divination and spiritual insight. Embodying the material and the solid, crystals also hold a transparent and immaterial look, making them one of natures most beautiful and unique formations. Utterly captivating crystals make some great tattoos!
A great subject for a contemporary style tattoo crystal tattoos take inspiration from the geometric shape and look of large crystal formations found deep underground. If you're a lover of bold geometric inspired tattoos then crystal tattoos are a tattoo you should definitely look into. Striking and bold these crystal tattoos are truly flawless and done by some of the worlds best artists. Enjoy.
Crystal Beetle Tattoo by Philippe Fernandez
Crystal Claw Tattoo by Ryan Cooper Thompson
Crystal Skull by David Hale
Line and dotwork Crystal Tattoo
Awesome Work by Diogo Ferrari
Crystal Dinosaur by Jim Sylvia
Beautiful Tattoo by Barbe Rousse
Bold Piece by Cody Eich
Great Crystal Tattoo by Dr Woo
Crystal Frog Tattoo by Mike Moses
Great Tattoo by Javier Betancourt
Colorful Crystal Tattoo by Lauren Winzer
Colorful purple Crystal Dimond Tattoo
Crystal Tattoo by Mike Moses
Crystal Armor Tattoo by Tyler Pennington
Bold Tattoo by Pari Corbitt
Love The Placement by Philippe Fernandez
Crystal Tattoo by Taylor Dees
Crystal Penguin Tattoo by Jonathan Penchoff
Dark Work by Thomas Burkhardt
Awesome Tattoo by Valentin Hirsch
Linework Crystal Tattoo by Victor J Webster
Green Crystal Tattoo
Crystal Skull Tattoo by Mike Moses
Crystals Tattoo by Barbe Rousse
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