25 Menacing Clown Tattoos

25 Menacing Clown Tattoos

Clown tattoos have been influenced by the darker cultural depictions of clowns and many clown tattoos take on a creepy and evil substance.
White makeup, a big red nose, an exaggerated smile and a flamboyant outfit the clown was traditionally a comic performer and entertainer bringing joy to children and adults alike. Yet today the clown is an image often associated with horror and fear. The image of an 'evil clown' is a development in recent popular culture through mediums such as literature, movies, video games and TV shows, where dark and villainous characters have been portrayed as clowns. From Stephen King's Pennywise The Dancing Clown to Batman's nemesis The Joker the image of a clown as a dark and menacing character has greatly altered the traditional image of clowns!!
While it's not that great for your everyday clown, a dark and menacing clown tattoo actually makes some pretty badass ink! The transformation of a fun loving performer into a sadistic horror killer inspires some truly disturbing but truly awesome tattoos, especially in the color realism genre! So if you love clowns and you love horror vibes then these 25 menacing clown tattoos are for you!!
American Horror Story Tattoo by Ken Patten
Captain Spaulding Tattoo by Roman Abrego
Clown Blood Tattoo by Qrucz Tattoo
Clown Girl Tattoo by Nikko Hurtado
Evil Clown Tattoo by Alans Tattoo Studio
Amazing Clown Tattoo by Alex De Pase
Bold Tattoo by Chris Schmidt
Dark Clown Tattoo by Aero & Inkeaters
Awesome Black and Grey by Beny Pearce
Clown Hand Tattoo by Bloodlines Gallery
Great Work by Cynthia Finch
Clown Tattoo by Eddy Tattoo
Terrifying Piece by Fredy Tattoo
Clown Tattoo by Josh Payne
Villainous Clown by Oleg Tattoo
Clown Tattoo by Qrucz Tattoo
Badass Tattooing by Sacred Art Tattoo
Clown Tattoo by Sergey Horror
Valentina Ryabova Nailed This Piece!
Clown Trash Polka Tattoo by Tattoo Rascal
Joker Clown Tattoo by Balinese Tattoo
Krusty the Clown Tattoo by Mike DeVries
Pennywise Clown Tattoo by Andrzej Niuniek Misztal
Tattoo by Sacred Art Tattoo
Twisted Metal Tattoo by Kyle Cotterman