25 Noble Equestrian Tattoos

25 Noble Equestrian Tattoos

Equestrian tattoos are celebrating this beautiful animal, and horse lovers will certainly agree these examples are absolutely amazing...
Horses are intense animals and horse lovers know it very well. These clever, powerful and noble creatures are building fabulous relationship with their riders and humans. They can help them with social distress and recovering from diseases and bad times. They are able to jump, dance and follow the instructions of their human friends with a stunning elegance. For centuries, they have been the mount and partners of men, going with them in their travels and wars, and risking their lives for their masters. Now, horse riding is a hobby and a pleasure for many people. But it's the unique contact and beauty of horses that people are coveting.
Lovely tattoo by Giulia Bongiovanni.
Poetic piece by Caitlin Lm.
Masterpiece by Carlos Torres...
Gorgeous piece by Cido.
Cosmic horse by Dave C. Wallin...
Hand tattoo by Enrik Gispert.
Horserider by Fatih Serdaroglu.
Interesting blackwork by Ildo.
Epic piece by Jason Cramer!
Elegant Pegasus by Jeanne Saar.
Great statue by Jun Cha.
Neo traditional work by Kat Abdy.
Geometric by Katie Bee.
Cool piece made at Le Chalet.
Nice tattoo by Léo Marsiglia.
Breath-taking backpiece by L'oiseau...
By Miguel Camarillo.
Linework by Mo Ganji.
Nice blackwork by Rorofrose.
Fancy tattoo by Sam Smith.
By Shenna Audenaerd.
Watercolor by Steve O.
Gorgeous piece by Zhen Cang. equestrian tattoos
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