31 Dollars Of Art By Macario Angulo

31 Dollars Of Art By Macario Angulo

Using money to make art is nothing new. Tattoo lovers may have already come across the 3D money art made by tattoo artist Scott Campbell.
But artist Macario Angulo isn't just making art out of money he's turning the money into the art. Angulo has taken the humble dollar bill and challenged himself to create 31 pieces of art with it for the 31 days in October! It's a pretty cheap art project when you think of it, 31 pieces of art for $31.
Taking inspiration from all manner of fictional characters Angulo is transforming George Washington's portrait on a daily basis! Whether it's a superhero or horror villain the dollar art, or MacDollars (as named by Angulo) are a simple but fun art project to celebrate the lead up to Halloween! They're also a great reminder that art doesn't always have to be expensive!! Be sure to keep up to date with the project over on Angulo's Instagram!! Here's some of the awesome pieces created by Angulo so far!
Money art
Macario Angulo Beetlejuice Dollar
Macario Angulo Bioshock Dollar
Macario Angulo Captain Spaulding Dollar
Jesus Malverde
Awesome Magneto dollar!
Nacho Libre Dollar
Wolverine Dollar
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