7 Amazing Smoke Tattoos

7 Amazing Smoke Tattoos

The way smoke floats and swirls on air and disappears is incredibly fascinating. It makes some beautiful tattoos.
Smoke tattoo
Tattooing realistic smoke requires a lot of patience, skill and fine attention to detail.
Tattoo Artist: Dmitriy Samohin
Red skull smoke tattoo
This smoking red skull is captivating!
Smoke tattoo by Anam Q
Check out the candles giving off candle smoke! Tattoo Artist: Anam Q
Smoke tattoo
Cool fluid approach with less dark and more bright colors. If you want this kind of style, be sure to find a good tattooer to make sure the colors hold up for long.
Smoke tattoo
Check out this cool memorial tattoo! It's a good tattoo as it can tell the story of a person just by looking!
Smoke tattoo
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