8 Cool & Spooky Mummy Tattoos

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Ironically, these 8 cool & spooky mummy tattoos are so alive and vibrant in colour.

A mummy is basically a preserved human or animal corpse; intentionally or accidentally. In Ancient Egypt, Mummifying corpses of Pharaohs was a custom. They encapsulate the preserved body in an ornate funeral box embellished with gold and precious stones called the Sarcophagus, one that looks like the tattoo above. (Artist: Nicholas Santistevan)

Egyptian mummy tattoo
Egyptian mummy tattoo

The english word "Mummy" was derived from the nedieval latin terms, Mumia", from the medieval arabic term "Mumiya", and the persian term "Mum" which meant "wax". The word "Mummification" meant the deliberate embalming of a corpse. However, some humans and animals get accidentally mummified through natural conditions like very high temperatures and conditions, which preserves the corpse's skin, bones and internal organs intact. (Tattoo Artist: Craig Holmes)

Mummy tattoo
Mummy tattoo

Tattoo Artist: Zsofia Belteczky

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Zombie Mummy tattoo
Zombie Mummy tattoo

Mummification was done in the ancient times out of the people's religious beliefs that the dead needed its body preserved to prep it for the "afterlife". Along the corpse were the dead's possessions buried with it.

The process involved a lot of people---embalmers, surgeons, cutters, scribes and priests!

Would be damned if these mummies were too well-preserved that they can actually returned to life!!! :-O lol.

Check out this super awesome tattoo enhancement by Sara Lou. Clever way to preserve an old tattoo!

Mummies were usually wrapped in linen strips. This tattoo just nailed the look!

Jeezus!! :-O No please.

We're DYING to show you more awesome halloween-themed tattoos for yalls! Stay tuned and Happy Halloween! :-D



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