8 Crazy Joker Tattoos That Aren't Heath Ledger

Joker tattoos are easily one of the favorite movie and comic villain tattoos in the tattoo scene today.
Especially after the Christopher Nolan Dark Knight trilogy, every one was going nuts about Heath Ledger's portrayal of Joker. But Heath Ledger Joker tattoos are all over the web and you can definitely see a few when you go to tattoo shows/conventions.
Here are some crazy Joker tattoos that aren't Heath Ledger:
Awesome color saturation, Joker Tattoo
Really cool new school feel, Joker Tattoo
Joker Tattoo by Zoran
Rib cage tattoo of The Killing Joke, beautiful coloring
Nasty looking Joker with Ace of Spades
Awesome Joker tattoo with bloody knife
Tattoo from www.turyanskiy.com
Awesome photo realistic Joker tattoo