8 Neo Traditional Sewing Machine Tattoos

8 Neo Traditional Sewing Machine Tattoos

These awesome sewing machine tattoos look really solid and bright. This is something that the traditional style of tattooing is known for.
Sewing machines as tattoos may be representing craftsmanship, some one who works hard with his or her hands and/or obviously, some one who is a sewer or tailor. May it be for tribute or just for the beautiful imagery, these sewing machine tattoos are definitely worth sharing.
Sewing machine tattoo by Jim Sylvia
DIY or die! Hahaha! Beautiful old school feel!
neo traditional sewing machine tattoo
Bejeweled sewing machine tattoo
Sewing machine tattoo by Stefan Johnsson
Tattoo by @thesailormarc
Elegant looking sewing machine tattoo
Beautiful half sleeve tattoo showing off a dress and a sewing machine!
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