8 Old School Snake Tattoos That Will Blow Your Mind

Old school snake tattoos are just one type of tattoos you probably grew up seeing on people around you.
Snakes are said to protect you from bad luck, and a reminder to stay vigilant. Here are some old school snake tattoos that will blow your mind:
Solid black and Red snake tattoo
Awesome Use Of Color
Brutal Head Shot, Beautiful Tattoo
Tattoo By Nick Moran
Tattoo By Nick Oaks
Tattoo By Phil Hatchyetau
Solid Black Tattoo By @matthew_houston
"Not Today," Said The Snake
Hope you guys enjoyed looking at these awesome old school snake tattoos! They might not be tattoos from the past but they do bring back the feel of what tattoos looked like back then - solid lines and blacks with bright colors. And that is what makes these old school snake tattoos more amazing.

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