8 Remarkably Awesome Tattooed Twins

You'll be SEEING DOUBLE SEEING DOUBLE in this blog that's twice the fun. Collection of awesome tattooed twins.
Twice the awesomeness and twice the inspiration because today we're featuring tattooed twins: real blood brothers & sisters who are two-of-a-kind. Let's get to know them & get some matching tattoo inspiration from some of the world's most remarkably awesome tattooed twins! Enjoy! ;-)
Tattooed twins
Joel & Benji Madden of the band Good Charlotte. Good Charlotte fans, raise your hands!
Good Charlotte - tattooed twins
A sister, not diamonds, is a girl's true best friend. <3
Meet Jordan & Caleb: twins with identical tattoos! Tattoos done by Thomas Hooper.
If you had a twin, would you get matching tattoos? :-D
Bless & Kojak
Bless & Kojak are twins who spent 19 years in prison for stabbing a man who's allegedly interfering with Kojak's lover. Both twins have high ranks in prison judging by their tattoos (spider web, fangs on the lips and devil horns).
Tattooed Twins
FASCINATING FACT: Twins can be conceived by two different fathers!!! Heteropaternal Superfecundation occurs when a woman has sex with more than one man during ovulation. The sperm from each man fertilizes the woman's egg at once resulting to such. This phenomenon is common to dogs and cats, but is rare in humans.
The Harrison twins are yummy! ;-P One for you, one for me. LOL!
Love these identical tattoos by Guy Le Tattooer.
Ironic but exclusive Matching Tattoos are unique. Tattoos by Thomas Hooper
Blood Brothers for ever.
Tattooed twins