80 Year Old Man Shows True Meaning Of Friendship In Ink

80 Year Old Man Shows True Meaning Of Friendship In Ink

Alan Q Zhi Lun is a tattoo artist and owner of Naked Skin Tattoo in Singapore.
One day, he received a life changing client, when an fragile looking old man walked in his shop looking to get a tattoo in memory of his childhood friend who had recently passed. He wanted to get the following inked on both his arms: "once it's gone will never meet again. Across every ocean there's silent without a trace. You are leaving today not sure when are we able to meet again..." in Chinese symbols, which goes like: 仕德 一去永不重逢/ 海角天涯無言無蹤/ 今天離別後何日能再來. Zhi Lun posted about in his Facebook page, and it took the heart of everyone who read it!
Alan Q Zhi Lun tattooing the old man, photo by Benjamin Fly
Little did Zhi Lun know that the old mans name was Chunhao and he was a famous and respected undertaker from Geyland Bahru, a neighbourhood on the eastern side of Singapore. Hi did however have a nice dialogue with Cunhao and was kind enough to post on his page, it goes like this:

"Me: Ah gong ah.. what do u wanna get for your tattoo?
Grandpa replied... I wanna get chinese script done on both of my arms to remembering my best friend who just pass away not long ago.. he was my very good friend so I wanna get this done..

So I asked grandpa can I have a look at what u wanna get? So he pass me a piece of paper with chinese wording written on it.. and he start reading....
( 仕德 一去永不重逢... ) once it's gone will never meet again

( 海角天涯無言無蹤... ) Across every ocean there's silent without a trace...
( 今天離別後何日能再來... ) Your leaving today not sure when are we able to meet again...

After listening my heart felt heavy.. so I decided to get this important job done! I applied numb cream for him and tattooed him.. I have no idea how good their relationship is.. but from his body language I know the person meant a lot to him..
He told me they had been friends for 45 years.. he felt sad.. so he wanted to get it done.. don't care how much it would cost.. just tattoo it for me..

So after everything had done.. he asked me how much should I pay for this?
I said $10... with a smile
To be honest I don't even wanna take any single cents of it.. but I think back if I don't take atleast a $10 he might think that I pity him or other reason.. so I said $10 will do..

But he still insisted and to push me the cash.. and leave happily.. my heart felt heavy so I decided to collect $10 and donate the rest of the amount.."
Mr Chunhao and the writing of his tattoo, photo by Benjamin Fly
Hard not to get emotional with this right? Make sure you check some of Alan Q Zhi Lun's work, the guy is really talented!
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