9 Awesome Snoop Dogg Portrait Tattoos

9 Awesome Snoop Dogg Portrait Tattoos

Who doesn't love Snoop? He's been in the rap game for a long time now and released countless hits in the hip-hop scene.
This Long Beach native is one of the favorite gangster rappers back in the 90's, with collaborations with the other hip-hop legends of rap legends Tupac and Dr. Dre.
Snoop smokin' a blunt on this one.
Lookin hard with the LBC hoodie on.
Tattoo by NIKKO.
Black and gray Snoop tattoo.
Black and gray tattoo with Snoop Dogg wearing a hood.
Snoop Dogg tattoo
Irie eyes on this Snoop Dogg portrait smokin' a blunt and rockin' dem braids!
Black and gray with Dr. Dre
Inhaling the good vibes.
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