Alec Baldwin's Daughter Ireland Got New Fatherly Ink

Alec Baldwin's Daughter Ireland got new fatherly Ink with her favourite artist, but this time with a twist!
The artist behind it, is the celebrities favourite Jon Boy at the West 4 Tattoo shop. Last week she got back with Jon Boy but this time to make an homage to her father, Alec Baldwin, and got a small wrist tattoo reading écureuil, which is the french word for squirrel, her father's pet name for her! Alec Baldwin's daughter Ireland got new fatherly Ink!
écureuil by Jon Boy
Ireland getting inked, via @jonboytattoo
Right after she got her new tattoo, she turned the tables and got some ink in Jon Boy himself, joining the club of celebrities that ink their artist, along with Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry.
Jon Boy's LA by Ireland Baldwin
Getting read to ink Jon Boy, via Inked Magazine
What do you guys think of this new trend of celebrities inking the artist? And don't forget to check some more of Jon Boy's work here