This Inspirational Tattoo Artist Uses Her Skills to Help Others

This Inspirational Tattoo Artist Uses Her Skills to Help Others

When a tattoo artist has a specialty it is often traditional or portrait tattoos, but for Felicity Denham her specialty is medical tattooing

Felicity Denham's medical tattooing aims to help those who are physically scarred through accidents, illness and even in combat. Owner and artist at Hook and Eye Tattoo, Denham realized that tattoos were an awesome way to help those with permanent scarring after dating an army medic and learning of combat related injuries.

“These soldiers serving out there during the war were just not aware that they could have work done," Denham says. "Even though cosmetics can seem superficial, it can have such an effect on a person’s self-confidence...If they had no eyebrows, they could have them tattooed on, or if they were missing a nipple we could do that.”

Lip Tattoo, medical tattoo
While trained in cosmetic tattoos, such as permanent makeup, Denham found her love to be medical tattoos and has helped a number cancer and mastectomy patients. The artist has also helped people with skin conditions such as Vitiligo and others with more general scarring.
Medical tattoo

“It’s almost like putting the cherry on the cake. The cosmetic surgeons do all the hard work and then we finish it off. It’s my favorite thing, working with people who have facial burns, or cancer survivors. It’s really rewarding.

One of the only tattoo artists specializing in medical tattoos in her area Denham is one of a growing number of tattoo artists who are using their talents and skills to help others in life changing ways. The work of artists like Denham is always awesome to see and is a great reminder that tattoos have bigger uses than just being art. A tattoo can change someones life and restore their confidence.

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