Berlin's Best Tattoo Artists

Berlin's Best Tattoo Artists

The guys over at Thump recently spoke to Swedish tattoo artist and musician Andreas Andreasson (aka Diagenetic Origin)
He offered his insight into the top tattoo artists in Berlin (the city he now calls home).As most tattoo enthusiasts will know Germany has serious tattoo game, some of best artists in the business are located there, but who are Berlin's best tattoo artists? Well according to Andreasson they are these 5 people!
Lars Uwe Lars works from Loxodrom Tattoo Berlin and does some insane new school/neo-traditional style work. You'll be hard pressed to find some one who does what this guy does!!
Colorful eagle
Hand tattoo
Back tattoo
Bjorn Liebner
Liebner tattoos from Red Chapel Tattoo and his work speaks for itself!! Just epic!
Lost cause....
Falcon tattoo
Black and yellow...
Iban Mayer
Like Liebner, Maya works at Red Chapel Tattoo and by the looks of it is killing it equally as well!
Third eye....
Hand tattoo
Daniel Gencsh
Gensch works at Brust oder Keul and his unique neo-traditional style tattoos are insane. Such awesome work!
Tattoo by Daniel Gensch
Oye captain
Wolf tattoo
Carly Kroll
Tattooing from Little Bird Tattoo Kroll creates some cute and colorful tattoos, a little different from the other guys work but equally as impressive!
Bird tattoo
Tattoo by Carly Kroll
...and there you have Berlin's best tattoo artists, Germany's tattoo game is seriously on point!
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