Bollywood Actor Sidharth Malhotra Gets Inked

Bollywood Actor Sidharth Malhotra Gets Inked

Bollywood actor Sidharth Malhotra recently got a henna tattoo in honor of his newly-formed bond with New Zealand.
Bollywood actor Sidharth Malhotra headed down to The National Tattoo Museum of New Zealand and got himself a temporary reminder of a permanent bond to a culture he fell in love with. A culture so different from his own, which only interested the 30-year-old model-turned-actor. Sidharth is currently the tourism ambassador of New Zealand in India. He's constantly looking for ways to learn more about the Kiwis' culture, especially those from the ones from the aboriginals.
Maori tattoo artist and the museum's founder Steve Maddock showed Sidharth around the museum, immersing the actor in tales and everything there is to say about the traditional Maori moko (tattoo).
Sidharth Malhotra
“The stories behind traditional Maori moko are fascinating. The tattoo museum was a very interesting place. I loved the strong tribal affiliations of Maori moko and the complexities of their designs,” shares the Bollywood actor, who was on his first trip to New Zealand. “It is amazing how a tattoo can tell a complete story about the person who wears the artwork.”

Sidharth feels strongly about getting a permanent one soon, too!
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