Contemporary Brilliance By Cody Eich

Contemporary Brilliance By Cody Eich

Incredibly free-flowing Cody Eich tattoos are inspired by nature and the beauty of the natural world, trees, mountains or animals.
Currently tattooing at Time Will Tell Tattoo in Burlington, Ontario artist Cody Eich is producing some of the finest contemporary style tattoos we've seen and his work is something you have to see!! Eich's tattoos don't really fit into a definitive genre and while they are clearly a very contemporary style of tattooing they take influence from a number of places. A Cody Eich tattoo holds elements of watercolor, abstract, surrealism, geometric and neo-traditional tattoo styles, an amalgamation of them all Eich's work is totally unique to him!
Eich captures there essence perfectly and puts into ink like no other. Be sure to follow his Instagram and in the mean time enjoy these amazing Cody Eich tattoos!
beautiful art by Cody Eich
tattoo inspired by nature and animals, tattoo artist Cody Eich
Awesome Bear Piece!
geometrical nature tattoo by Cody Eich
interesting tattoo design by Cody Eich
colorful flower tattoo by Cody Eich
Creative Fox Design!!
nature inspired tattoo by Cody Eich
by Cody Eich
sea life inspired tattoo design by Cody Eich
Gorgeous Owl
creative art work by Cody Eich
Brilliant Skull Tattoo
by Cody Eich
by Cody Eich
tattoo design inspired by nature
Beautiful Tree of Life Tattoo
by Cody Eich
Awesome Cover Up
by Cody Eich
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