Daughter Reveals Her Tattoos to Christian Parents

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This woman has been hiding her tattoos from her Christian parents for over a decade.

She decides that she's been hiding for far too long and it's finally time for them to know. This American Life helps her out in 'fessing up through a video.

YouTube vlog This American Life helps out Maggie, a tattooed woman who have been hiding her many tattoos from her conservative Christian parents for a long time. “I remember when I was little, I remember saying, ‘God wants me to be happy.’ And my parents said, ‘No, God wants you to obey Him. He doesn't care if you're happy,’” she recalls. “To me, God is so much more than that,” she insists. Watch this video to find out how this loving daughter reveals her tattoos to Christian parents.

This American Life/ YouTube
This American Life/ YouTube

This one hit a little to close to home. Like Maggie's parents my mom aren't really too fond of tattoos. She thinks tattoos defile the body (i.e. “Your thigh? Are you out of it?!? You can never wear shorts again!) and I remind her that I didn't take after her and getting tattoos is probably the best way I can make myself feel beautiful without undergoing surgery.

Stick out until the end to find out how they reacted.

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