Delicate Dotwork By Erik Jacobsen

Delicate Dotwork By Erik Jacobsen

Dotwork tattoos are contemporary tattooing at its finest.
It is a fresh approach to tattoos and dotwork can take a classic design and give it new life with nothing more than some awesome dotting. The best dotwork tattoos use a simple outline to give shape to the design before adding the depth with the dots. While the finished tattoo has a minimal theme to it, it takes real skill to lay down a good piece of dotwork tattooing. Most commonly done in black and grey dotwork tattoos are the specialty of a number of artists, one of the best being Erik Jacobsen.
Jacobsen currently tattoos from Dark Age Tattoo, Seattle, and is creating some incredible black and grey dotwork tattoos. Dotwork tattoos are a difficult tattoo to make your own, but Jacobsen's pieces easily standout from the rest and have a stylish and delicate look. When it comes to dotwork tattooing Erik Jacobsen is one to follow, his work is awesome so be sure to keep up to date with it on his Instagram!!
Gorgeous Peony!!
Dotwork flower tattoo
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Dotwork butterfly tattoo
Dotwork house tattoo
Dotwork crab tattoo
Awesome Desert Scene
Dotwork flower tattoo
Dotwork flower tattoo
Great Placement!
Dotwork insect tattoo
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Another Great Peony!
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Dotwork flower tattoo
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