Fan Gets Priyanka Chopra's Autograph Tattooed On Her Arm!!

Fan Gets Priyanka Chopra's Autograph Tattooed On Her Arm!!

Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra is one of India's biggest star, she never thought she will get a fan designed tattoo.
Priyanka Chopra is one of India's biggest celebrities and stars. Easily one of Bollywood's most popular actresses and singers Chopra was also a the winner of the Miss World pageant in 2000, so needless to say she has a crazy following of loyal and dedicated fans. Now as we all know, where there's a loyal fan following a hardcore fan tattoo soon follows, and in Chopra's case she technically designed the fan ink!!
While meeting waiting fans at an airport Chopra spoke to a fan who belonging to the PC Rockstars (a hardcore Priyanka Chopra fan group on Twitter). After a few of the necessary selfies and pictures the fan asked Chopra to sign her forearm, little did Chopra know she was essentially providing the stencil for a die-hard fan tattoo. After the meeting the fan went and got the Bollywood stars signature tattooed over!!
Chopra Signing Her Loyal Fans Arm and The Tattoo That Followed!!
Although perhaps a little shocked upon hearing about the tattoo Chopra actually reached out to the fan and gave her approval of the new ink on Twitter,

“Whaa? @shilpashinner if I knew u were gonna tattoo my signature I would've made it more legibleThank u!Love u 2 4eva" 
Chopra is currently starring in ABC's new show Quantico and looks to be making the transition from Bollywood to Hollywood, and looks to be bringing her own iconic tattoo with her!
Priyanka Chopra, Quantico
It's almost a standard requirement that celebrities have a recognizable tattoo, and Chopra certainly has that!! Tattooed on her wrist are the words 'Daddy's Lil Girl...'
Chopra's Tattoo Has Become A Classic Part Of Her Look!
Although small the tattoo has become a staple in the image of Chopra throughout India and has even inspired fans to get the very same tattoo...admittedly that is a little weird...Making the transition to US TV Priyanka Chopra is certainly a name you're going to hear more of!!
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