Fancy Tattoos By Ellen Westholm

Fancy Tattoos By Ellen Westholm

Ellen Westholm is a young tattoo artist, in the trade since 2010, yet already a great name of tattoo art.
Specializing in realistic tattoos, especially in black and grey, she quickly gain recognition for her talent. Her artwork is really dark, mixing macabre themes with glamourous elements. Her gothic portraits of fancy ladies are breath-taking. She does refined and intricate tattoos that seduce both women and men. The Swedish artist is working at Red Rose Tattoo in Gothenburg and also doing guest spots at Zoi Tattoo in Stockholm. She is also often invited in international tattoo conventions. Want to admire more mysterious creations by Ellen Westholm? Follow her on Instagram.
Badass torso tattoo and sleeve by Ellen Westholm
Sleeve and intricate sidepiece by Ellen Westholm
Amazing piece by Ellen Westholm
Elegant half sleeve by Ellen Westholm
Fantastic Marilyn Monroe's portrait by Ellen Westholm
Jaw-dropping macabre piece by Ellen Westholm
The art of Ellen Westholm is really dark but also refined.
Impressive skull by Ellen Westholm
Tattoo by Ellen Westholm
Gorgeous portrait!
Tattoo by Ellen Westholm
Awesome chestpiece.
Cool Jimmy Hendricks portrait by Ellen Westholm
Terrific half sleeve by Ellen Westholm
The glamour Ellen Westholm
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