Feel The Love With These Parent Tattoos!

The website parents.com went on their Facebook page and asked to see moms' and dads' homage to their children.
The result couldn't be nicer, they made a selection of their favourite 19 parent tattoos and we got them here to show you! So check out how parents show love for their kids with some cool ink.
"My husband has our daughters' first self portraits and autographs." — Amy C.
Symbolic tattoo
"I got this to symbolise the strength and protection that comes from being a mother. My kids names are underneath." — Kimberly B. from Normanville, South Australia
"Our birthstone colors... Hubs, me, 2 kids #tattoo" — Kristie M. from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Carl F. from Rocky Point, New York
Chad J.
"Now that some luv yo." — Miso G. from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
"These feet belong to my sweet girl. She was stillborn on her due date 8.5 years ago. She never had a chance to walk on her own in this life, but now she walks with me, everywhere I go." — Debbie D. from Drifting, Pennsylvania
"My girls." — Shannon G. from Rialto, California
"My daughter's birth sign (Pisces)." — Sandra H. from Issaquah, Washington
"I love you to the moon and back" Bigger star represents me, smaller star is my daughter. It's fresh ink!" — Nicole S. from Bloomfield, New Jersey
"Me and her daddy love the movie Wall-E. When we found out we where having a girl we named her Eva." — Molly B. from Grand Rapids, Michigan
"A tribute to our daughter who passed away at 3 months old due to brain cancer." — Stephenie N. from Lincoln Park, Michigan
"My husband's favourite chess piece on his thigh with our sons name." — Heather-Louise J. from Surrey, British Columbia
Symbolic tattoo
"Each flower represents the month my 3 children were born. The big pink flower is for me and the small black butterfly resting my my flower represents the baby I miscarried. It is my favorite tattoo I have and I also get compliments from strangers all the time on how beautiful it is!" — Jackie B. from Pleasant Valley, New York
Josh S. from Port Saint Lucie, Florida
"Roman numerals of the year my son was born." — Mandy F. from Attleboro, Massachusetts
Matt Y. from Toledo, Ohio
"Our kids names on top." — Ted C
Kasey M.