Find Your Inner Blacksmith With These Anvil Tattoos!

Find Your Inner Blacksmith With These Anvil Tattoos!

A traditional tool of any blacksmith is the anvil.
The anvil is a metal block with a hard surface on which another object is placed and then struck, usually by a hammer. Before the advancement of the metal industry the anvil was an essential piece of equipment for any metal worker. Most often made from steel that has been heat treated anvils have been used for centuries and as such have gathered a nostalgic and symbolic image. They signify hard work, skill, craftsmanship and are commonly associated with the working class people.
If you're after a tattoo to show your hard working nature or want a tribute to your working class beginnings then an anvil is great choice. Simple and bold an anvil tattoo grabs the eye and draws people in, it's not really an everyday tattoo!! Great as a traditional tattoo filler or as a stand alone piece anvil tattoos have a rugged charm about them and look good on men and women alike! Maybe not the best choice for a backpiece anvil tattoos don't need to be large to impress, a bold little anvil is equally as striking as any big tattoo, just check these ones out and see for yourself.
Cool Anvil Eye Tattoo by Matthew Houston
Anvil Gun Tattoo by Maxime Büchi
Badass Hand Tattoo, unknown artist
Awesome Tattoo by Mike Moses
Anvil Hammer Tattoo by Damian Thomas
Old School Style by Gonzalo Muñiz Matito
Great Placement by Joe Bruce!!
Anvil Tattoo by Philip Yarnell
Dotwork by Philippe Fernandez
Bold Piece by Shawn Patton
Anvil Tattoo Filler, artist unknown
Anvil Woman Tattoo by Joe Ellis
Anvil tattoo
Ornate Anvil Tattoo by Bjorn Liebner
Skull Anvil Tattoo by El Bara
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