Go Old School With These 25 Traditional Neck Tattoos!!

Go Old School With These 25 Traditional Neck Tattoos!!

Getting a neck tattoo is a big decision, your ink will be on show almost constantly and people will be quick to judge.
Neck tattoos are not for the fainthearted!!! But if you're going to get it done you may as well get a tattoo to match the boldness of the location, and what's bolder than some bright old school tattooing!!
Traditional neck tattoos are awesome! A rose, a dagger, a panther, whatever you choose it's gonna look totally badass, because if there's one thing traditional tattoos do it's make you look great. They are tattoos as tattoos should be, so show your love of classic ink and put some on your neck! To show you why traditional neck tattoos rock here's 25 of the best, get ready to go old school and feel those classic tattooing vibes!
Anchor Tattoo by Jim Sylvia
Gorgeous Black Rose Tattoo by Montalvo Tattoos
Buffalo Tattoo by Craig Chazen
Awesome Butterfly Tattoo by Sway Tattooer
Classic Woman Tattoo by Andrea Giulimondi
Bold Coffin Tattoo by Ben Rorke
Dagger Heart Tattoo by Almagro Tattooer
Great Eagle Tattoo by Lee Hadfield
Neck Tattoo
Brilliant Tattoo by Karl Wiman
Gypsy Head Tattoo by Nick Luit
Love This by Craig Chazen
Leopard Dagger Tattoo by El Bara
Panther and Birds Tattoo by Jeff Zuck
Neck Tattoo, artist unknown
Panther Rose Tattoo by Three Kings Tattoo
Solid Work by Dannii Garbiras
Reaper Tattoo by Aj Lingerfeldt
Rose Cross Tattoo by Rich Hardy
Badass Panther Rose by Myke Chambers
Rose Dagger Tattoo by Rich Hardy
Woman Flower Tattoo by Shaun Topper
Epic Ship Tattoo by Myke Chambers
Ships Wheel Tattoo, unknown artist
Bold Woman Tattoo by Adde Ramstedt
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