Having Fun With Pastel Hair And Tattoos!

Having Fun With Pastel Hair And Tattoos!

Go full-on bubblegum pop with pastel hair to match your tattoos!
The past two years were probably the glory years of pastel hair. I no longer just see it on Tumblr or Instagram. It's everywhere. Thanks to Manic Panic hair dye, everybody can have the hair they've always wanted when they were just Care Bears-obsessed five-year-old kids. To some girls, pastel is a way of life.

Dyeing your hair a colour as pale as pastel is also no joke. Especially when you're born with dark hair. The dreaded growing roots. Anybody who has been through this will know what I'm talking about. I tried dyeing my hair silver early this year but I got an awful allergy that lasted months instead. So I just can't help but envy these other beautiful tattooed women with hair straight out of unicorn land.
Cleobella Summer/Photo by Taryn Kent
Pictured, Bobbie Merveille
DJ Heavygrinder aka Bobbie Merveille opted to dye her hair the colour between lavender and rose gold.
Courtesy of Suicide Girls
Rock that mermaid hair with your tattooed soul mate!
Bloody Grace/Photo by @tamidesigns
It must be lovely to have turquoise hair, every day is a sweet reminder of the beach.
Pictured, Melanie Martinez
If you're not really into all this bubblegum pop thing with hair, you can still have fun with monochrome colours—go with hues like grey, silver, ash blonde, or platinum white. Singer Melanie Martinez mixed it up a bit with silver and black.
via Miya Loves
But when the fun is over and your boring, old colour starts to grow back, you don't have to hurry and dye those roots asap. Let them grow. Who knows, they might actually look great together.
Pastel hair
Most girls go with pastel pink, though. A reminiscence of childhood and the typical obsession of little kids with pink. I know I wanted bright pink hair myself when I was five.
Lustful Doll/Etsy
Go brutal with pastel goth! Pastel goth is a fairly new subculture where the kawaii/harajuku style is blended with gothic elements.
Rainbow hair
You don't have to settle for one colour! Make your hair as bright and bold as your tattoos!
Janay Lewis/Instagram
Who says girls with cute pixie cuts can't rock pastel hair?
More pink
It's going to be a lot of fun matching your hair with your tats too!
Twisted Latex Magazine/Photography by Paulina Czochra pastel hair
Purple is also a popular choice for pastel hair.
via jeans-black/Tumblr
Some prefer to tone the hues down.
Pictured, Airica Michelle
While some like it bright or ombre.
Kash Barb/Twitter
A gorgeous face framed by the perfect shade of bubblegum blue.
Don Hales Photography
Courtesy of Solmaz Saberi Photography
Channel the queen of dragons, Daenerys Targaryen with long, silver locks.
And by the way, silver hair looks great with blackwork tattoos!
Pictured, Jane Dean
Go get that bubblegum pink dye and hit the streets with your fresh new pastel hair and tattoos!