Inside Out: 10 Most Fascinating Tattoos of Guts

We're spilling our guts to show you the most awesome and amazing tattoos of guts and other body organs.
Ya know why Zombies love brains? Coz it's the jelliest, squishiest, most fun thing to chew. It holds a lot of information, and it tastes good, too! ;P
Seriously, the Brain is a wonderful thing. It carries the seat of the soul, and without it, there's no life for us at all! This guy totally gets it.
This bio-organic front piece is impressive! Anybody know the tattoo artist? (Feel free to help us credit them!) :-) The front side of the torso is usually the most painful part to get the tattoo as it contains most of the body's internal organs. The torso is a sensitive area. Even in boxing, a body shot hurts like hell.
Sausages, anyone? Lol seriously, this piece is good. It's bold & strong just like our bodies are.
Guy wants muscles and gets it. Damn!
We know you love guts but don't wanna upset your mama so much, so to make it less gruesome, add softer elements to it. Like leaves, filligrees or flowers.
Ever fascinated by the idea that we were all created internally? Such is the wonder of the Universe.