Light It Up With These 14 Match Tattoos!

Light It Up With These 14 Match Tattoos!

Some of the best tattoos are the ones that take a seemingly normal subject and turn it into something awesome, like these match tattoos!
Match tattoos can be a great filler tattoo or even a badass larger piece, you could even go all out and get a full box of matches tattooed on you! A instrument/tool for starting a fire matches can come in dozens of forms, the most popular being the safety match we all know and love today, the earliest matches date back to Ancient China.
A quirky little piece of ink match tattoos can make an awesome filler for an awkward gap on a traditional sleeve and standout even more if tattooed alone. Whether you have it ignited or extinguished a match tattoo makes for some fun ink. But remember kids, matches are not toys! So instead of burning your house down with box of them checkout these 14 match tattoos and light it up with some kickass ink!!
Colorful Work by Cody Eich
New School Tattoo by Danny Edwards
Solid Piece by Jacob Wiman
Brilliant Tattoo by Jonathan Penchoff
Great Ditch Tattoo by Laura Yahna
Matchbox by Rodrigo D.C.
Match Tattoos
Cool Match Tattoo by Sarah Herzdame
Filler by Philip Yarnell
Amazing Matchbox Tattoo by Fru Duva
Abstract Match Tattoo by Onnie O'Leary
Matches Tattoo by Philip Yarnell
Traditional match and rose tattoo
Bright Tattoo by John Montalvo
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