Man Got A Penis Tattoo On His Thigh & Got Dumped By Girlfriend

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Unfortunately, not all tattoos are turn-ons.

Penis tattoo
Penis tattoo

Too bad coz he had the looks and blew it because of bad life decisions.

Fun Penis Tattoo On His Thigh
Fun Penis Tattoo On His Thigh


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    Brebner got the tattoo with his friend's name "Huw" on it (in the photo) after losing from a drunken poker game.

    Penis tattoo
    Penis tattoo

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    Ugh. So badly placed, so poorly done, and so unnecessary! If he really wanted a penis tattoo, he could've searched up our blogs and saw Tattoodo's penis tattoo inspiration.

    "The tattoo was a constant reminder poking out of my shorts everyday of how stupid i've been." says Brebner. 

    Well, it's not too late! It can still be covered up! What do you guys think? Are penis tattoos acceptable to you?



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