Nigerian Men Are Tattooing Their Lips Pink?!

Nigerian Men Are Tattooing Their Lips Pink?!

Why are Nigerian men flocking tattoo shops these days to dye their lips pink?
Nigeria itself has quite a history with tattoos and body modification, but these days the Nigerian are into a new kind of buzz. BattaBox, a local YouTube video channel sets out to find out what's with the fast-growing trend in Nigeria. Cosmetic tattooing is nothing new but it's not every day you see the men getting their lips done for the ladies!

BattaBox's interviewer visits a tattoo parlour in a bustling Nigerian City to find out the reason why Nigerian men are tattooing their lips pink. And interestingly, it has a lot to do with societal acceptance.
BattaBox / YouTube
“It's a mens fashion label,” says one customer in between the lip tinting session. “It's to get the girls.” According to the video, young Nigerian men pay N5,000-N7,000 to get their pink puckers. Like any tattoo, the procedure is irreversible yet with time, the ink is going to fade into a more natural colour that complements the skin.
Nigerian men tattooing their lips pink
“When people go for interviews, they will look at their face and lips,” tattooist and shop owner nicknamed Only Boy explains. “And people will be scared of their lips because they are black,” he adds. He shows the BattaBox interviewer the equipment and the pink balm he uses for cosmetic tattooing.

As for the whole procedure, Only Boy insists that he takes the proper precaution and sterilises his equipment well. On average, it takes 30 minutes to complete the cosmetic procedure. Usually, only the lower lip is filled in with pink ink as it's the more noticeable and considerably thicker part of the lips. As for the pain? So far, the young folks who have had it done can only describe it as ‘painful but bearable’.
Tattooed pink lips
Well, it seems like the switch is flipped and it's the men who are on the receiving side of pain for beauty this time!
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