Old School Traditional By Matthew Houston!

Old School Traditional By Matthew Houston!

His tattoos look how tattoos should! With an old school traditional style, Houston's tattoos embrace all the looks of classic tattoos.
Matthew Houston is an artist any tattoo fan needs to know. Bold and intense Houston's tattoos stand apart from other traditional pieces through their dark shading and finished look only he could achieve. If you're a big lover of traditional tattoos then Matthew Houston is the guy for you, his Instagram is full of kickass tattoos and brilliant artwork and is something you should be sure to check out!!
Matthew Houston Is An Artist You Need To Know!!
More could be said about the awesome traditional work of Matthew Houston but his tattoos speak for themselves. Take a look at these tattoos and prepare to be impressed! Houston takes traditional to new places, but most importantly his tattoos look like a real classic tattoo!
Gorgeous Black and Grey Woman.
Traditional style
Traditional style tattoo by Matthew Houston
Epic Front Piece!
Awesome chest piece by Matthew Houston
Awesome Eagle Tattoo
Traditional horse tattoo
By Matthew Houston
Beautiful Tattoo!!
Traditional blackwork tattoo
Insane Blackwork!!
Blackwork by Matthew Houston
Classic Mom Tattoos Are Always Good!
By Matthew Houston
Love This Piece!
Awesome Wrist Tattoos!
By Matthew Houston
Nice backpiece!
By Matthew Houston
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