Phillies Fan Honors Chase Utley With Tattoo!

Phillies Fan Honors Chase Utley With Tattoo!

For over a decade Chase Utley represented the Philadelphia Phillies as one of their finest players and an instant fan favorite.
A leader of the team on and off the field Utley has bid farewell to his team of the last 12 years to join the Los Angeles Dodgers, leaving many fans disappointed. But one fan took the opportunity to honor and thank Utley in a rather permanent way. He got a tattoo!
Chase Utley
Even though he has left the team Utley will forever be a Philly, he has a special place in the heart of the Phillies fans and ranks as one of the top 10 in multiple offensive categories for the Phillies and is recognized as the franchise's all-time greatest second baseman. Clearly letting him go isn't going to be easy, but you can always do as this fan did and numb the pain with some Utley themed ink...even if it is a little questionable.
Chase Utley's tattoo
Affectionately nicknamed 'The Man' by Philly fans Utley will be missed, but the loss of a great player like him can obviously be made easier with a nice 'Chase 4 Ever' ankle tattoo!! Would you make such a bold move as to get ankle tattoo for your favorite player?
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