Rilakkuma Tattoos That Are So Kawaii You'll Die!!

Rilakkuma is arguably the worlds cutest little bear and was designed by Aki Kondo way back in 2003.
The Rilakkuma brand has soared in popularity and today this happy little bear is seen around the world on clothing, stationary, dishware, backpacks, toys and even in books and games. The name Rilakkuma is a combination of rirakkusu, "relax" and "kuma", the Japanese for bear. True to his name Rilakkuma spends his life relaxing and when he's not sleeping or lying around he's chilling in a hot spring...because why the hell not!!
Rilakkuma tattoos are about as kawaii (cute) as a tattoo can get, and not just satisfied with Rilakkuma as he is they often depict him doing all manner of overly cute things; eating noodles, drinking tea and hanging out in space... If you want a tattoo that's sickeningly sweet and more adorable than anything else then Rilakkuma tattoos are the bear tattoos you need! Checkout these awesome Rilakkuma tattoos and prepare to fall in love with the little guy!!