Rita Ora Has A New Adidas Collection Inspired By Her New Tattoo!

Rita Ora and Adidas already made a lot of cool collaborations that are based on her original coolness and fearless look.
Now they have done it again with the Fall 2015 collection: Planetary Power Pack and Cosmic Confession Pack. When asked what inspired her to do the collection, Rita Ora said it was her new tattoo!
Rita Ora's New Geometric Tree of Life Back Tattoo
In Rita's own words the Geometric Tree of life symbolises "a little map that revolves around space and the stars and is meant to keep you grounded." She took the whole concept of geometry and stars and mixed it up with some futuristic designs on top of classical Adidas tracksuits. Check it out!
Rita Ora New Adidas Collection
Rita Ora New Adidas Collection
Rita Ora New Adidas Collection
Rita is a big fan of tattoos and all together she has 27 all over her body, from classic designs to funny words. We selected a few for you to take a look at while we wait for the new Adidas+Rita Ora collection!
Classic Pin Up Design by Alberto Vargas and Inked by Bang Bang
The Aphrodite tattoo on her left arm started out as just a heart, but because she thought it looked weird she added the Goddess of Love to the design.
Elegant Ballerina on the outside of her right tricep, Inked by Bang Bang
Sweet Sagittarius Symbol behind her ear.
Real cool black and grey Dove on the back of her neck and shoulder, Inked by Bang Bang
Want to check more of Rita's ink? Take a look here!