Roberto Firmino Puts His Life In Ink!!

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Having signed for Liverpool FC for a staggering £29 million Roberto Firmino is a player you're going to hear more about!

Brazilian footballer Roberto Firmino is a guy whose life story is certainly one of rags to riches. Growing up in a poor and dangerous favela Firmino secured a £29 million move to Liverpool this summer and looks to make a name for himself on the greatest stage of world football; the Premier League. But did you know his life story is written all over his body?
Firmino grew up in the Brazilian city Maceio, a city famed for its sandy beaches but also its problems with gangs and crime, Maceio has the 6th highest murder rate in the world! As a child Firmino was banned from playing in the streets by his mother who feared them to dangerous! At age 16 Firmino moved 2000 miles to Germany where his footballing career blossomed and his love affair with tattoos began!!

tattooed Roberto Firmino
tattooed Roberto Firmino

The ink that adorns Firmino's body can be viewed as a record of who he is and where he has come from. His right arm is dedicated to his parents and family with a portrait of his mother and father tattooed on it. On his knuckles is a tribute to the year of his birth '1991', he also has a red rose on his hand for love, a four-leaf clover for luck, a peace symbol and a tribute to God on his neck!!


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    Roberto Firmino tattoos
    Roberto Firmino tattoos

    "My right arm represents my parents and family members” Folliwing four-and-a-half years in the German Bundesliga playing for Hoffenheim Firmino admits that on the pitch he feels half German after adopting the playing style German football is famed for. His German connection has also influenced his ink, across his chest he has the words Family, Unending Love tattooed in German! The name of his daughter Valentina Firmino is likewise inked on his chest.

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    tattooed  Roberto Firmino with his daugther
    tattooed Roberto Firmino with his daugther

    Still finding his feet in the Premier League Firmino is bound to flourish soon enough, in the meantime you can admire his awesome tattoos and the story of his life they tell!


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