Scenic Skull Tattoos By Mors Tattoo

Love or hate them, skull tattoos are one of the classic tattoo designs that can be done time and again and not lose their beauty or essence.
Although mixing it up every once in awhile is always a good thing and making a traditional skull tattoo your own never hurts. Mors tattoo does just that. By adding some bright colors, bold shading and traditional style Mors takes skull tattoos to new places.
If you're a fan of vivid traditional work and skulls then Mors tattoo is your man!! Whether it's mountains, oceans or trees Mors incorporates them into a skull design like no other. Truly unique and incredibly effective Mors skull tattoos bring something different to a timeless and classic design that adds some intensity to a skull tattoo that otherwise may not have had it. Be sure to check Mors out on Instagram, but right now take a look at these scenic skull tattoos and prepare to see traditional tattooing in a new light!!
Colorful skull tattoo
Scenic skull tattoo
Artist: Mors
Nice one!
Artist: Mors
Beachy skull tattoo
Nice artwork!
Skull tattoo
Awesome artwork
Skull tattoo
Tattoo by Mors
Mors Skull Tattoo