School Tattoos For Teachers, Top Students And Dunces

School Tattoos For Teachers, Top Students And Dunces

What kind of student were you at school? Ace or dunce?
Or perhaps are you still at school, studying hard to pass your university exams or to be an inspired teacher... There are school tattoos for each of us... Some of us hated our school years, some others believed in the opportunities that studies can give. Even you think you're too cool for school, you can't deny education is a chance for some people. We are fighting each day to allow that all kids in the world, girls and boys, can go to school. Teachers will show their faith in their job with positive school tattoos. Graduates will get them to show their work and achievements. And dunces? Well, they are believing in another type of education, the school of life! Tell us the kind of student you were and which one of these school tattoos you'll get to remember your young years!
Books are the symbol of knowledge. By Cody Eich.
Apples are the symbol of teaching. By Emily Schmitt.
Badass student tattoo by Guen Douglas
Inspirational quote tattooed by Jessica Vann
Another teacher tattoo by Justin Dunwoody
Ready for your exams with Mel Perlman...
Not everyone loves school... Great blackwork by Michael Joss.
Tattoo by Michel Parisay
Cool Valedictorian owl by Parry Chotipradit
Dr Seuss dunce by Ryan Cooper Thompson.
Would you be interested by these flashes made by Jen Lee Friesen?
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