Show Your Identity With Fingerprint Tattoos

Show Your Identity With Fingerprint Tattoos

You don't need to be working at or be a fan of CSI to get fingerprint tattoos.
Fingerprints are one of the best ways to find the identity of someone. So why not using fingerprint art to tell who you truly are? You can get the fingerprints of loved ones tattooed to show their print on your life. Or you can pick a hoppy, a job or a passion that is a great part of your identity. And if it is art which is the main aspect of your life, you can choose some creative fingerprint portraits and designs... So, what's your identity? What would you fingerprint tattoos tell about yourself?
Lover identity by Andy Locke.
Nature identity by Brie Felts.
Classic movies identity by Diamante Murru.
Memento Mori identity by Dominic The Who.
Geometric identity by Finch Tattoo.
Passion indentity. Please credit.
Heavenly identity by Ivan Hack.
Artistic identity by Max Zhuravlev.
Cat identity by Moorea Hum.
Family identity by Sean Miller.
Lucky identity by Sturiale Ink. A grandmother with the fingerprints of her grandchildren.
Bold identity by Zsolt Kelemen.
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