Spotlight: Geeky Tattoos By Rizza Boo

Spotlight: Geeky Tattoos By Rizza Boo

Charissa Gregson aka Rizza Boo is a creative English tattoo artist is working at London based tattoo studio Jolie Rouge.
But she is also doing more custom tattoos at her private tattoo shop, Rizza Boo tattoos, under this nickname. Her art is really joyful and inspired by geek culture. She enjoys twisting references, mixing Star Wars elements with other fun and elegants ones, such as Russian dolls, perfume bottles and Disney characters... From fantasy to science-fiction and cute animals, there is nothing Rizza Boo can't do, especially with her colorful and cheering style! Want to see more? Follow her on Instagram...
Fun Smaug tattoo
Death Star perfume bottle tattoo?
Death Star perfume bottle tattoo
Cute Sphinx cat tattoo
Bubblegum Princess Leia is so pop
Nerdy Russian doll tattoo
Wicked My Little Pony piece
Ariel also has been the slave of Jabba the Hutt
Fun Simpsons piece...
Gorgeous elephant tattoo
For all the Star Trek lovers
Cute sheep tattoo
Another lovely animal tattoo by Rizza Boo
Kewpie dolls as little fairies
Funny AT-AT tribute
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