Star Wars Tattoos: The Dark Side On Skin

Star Wars Tattoos: The Dark Side On Skin

Star Wars tattoos are popular to modern tattoo collectors.
Especially to those who grew up watching the saga that has changed sci-fi in cinema since it came out decades ago. On this blog post, we focus on awesome Star Wars tattoos that are of the antagonists: the Sith, Storm Troopers and other bad guys that you guys may have come across in the Star Wars saga.
An awesome portrait of Darth Maul done by Nikko Hurtado
An ultra cool cat Darth Maul tattoo! Check out the details on this one!
Maul without the hood on, showing off his horns. This calf piece looks so sick, especially with the tattooers use of white on the face and teeth!
General Grievous tattoo
A solid portrait of General Grievous, a very powerful warrior with a modified bionic body who is under the command of fallen Jedi, Count Dooku. He wields 4 Lightsabers that he acquired from Jedi defeated by him.
Count Dooku, a former Padawan of Master Yoda that fell into the Dark Side of the Force.
Count Dooku's lightsaber tattoo
Count Dooku's lightsaber as a tattoo looks really cool. This one is just like one of those traditional dagger tattoos that pierces the skin.
Anakin color portrait
A really cool Anakin color portrait with the Emperor, before he had the Darth Vader suit.
Emperor Palpatine tattoo
This Emperor Palpatine color portrait looks sick! It may be a work in progress but you can see how awesome it looks!
A really fun and solid traditional Emperor Palpatine tattoo!
star wars tattoo
This Vader helmet with a dagger, snake and wings is super awesome. Traditional Americana works really well with the Vader helmet since it does resemble a skull.
Darth Vader tattoo
Man, this Vader hand tattoo must've hurt real bad! Definitely worth the pain though!
Vader tattoo
Color Vader portrait done by Chris Toler, checkout the galaxy and Deathstar detail on his helmet!
Vader tattoo
Awesome Vader tattoo with his red lightsaber, a beautiful combination of black and red!
A detail shot of an awesome Darth Vader back piece done by Brandon Bond.
This neo-traditional take on this Storm Trooper wearing a tie is really sick! Check out the detail on the cup and the Deathstar in the background!
Another neo-traditional Storm Trooper tattoo.
With Episode VII coming up this December, I know all tattooheads who are also Star Wars fans such as me are really stoked in seeing the movie!
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