Tattoo Artists You Really Should Get to Know: Cris Gherman

Tattoo Artists You Really Should Get to Know: Cris Gherman

Enough with all the horror and let's get down and dirty with gore!
If you live in Dublin, you're in luck because this hyper realistic artist currently operates in the Irish shores.
Courtesy of Inked Mag
Cris started tattooing in his hometown in Transylvania back twenty years ago. It was a love at first sight. While getting his first tattoo (if stick and pokes don't count) at a friend's place, his interest was piqued the moment the tattoo artist revved up his machine and started working on him and his friends. He asked the guy if he may have a go at it. “I got the shakes and started to sweat profusely as soon as I touched the machine, with its weight and vibration and a bleeding arm in front of me,” he says.

The next morning, a sobered up Cris Gherman hit a local shop—Dark Art Tattoo—and decided right then and there to cash in all his savings to get the best equipment he can get. That's where the road started for him. It's a decision he doesn't and won't regret.
Skull tattoo
Fast forward to his career now, Cris now owns a shop in Dublin, Ireland where he enjoys the freedom of being able to take on tattoo requests he likes.
By Cris Gherman
By Cris Gherman
Check out this deadly chest piece he did a while back!
Cris describes his works as hyperrealism but we can't help but we simply love the surrealistic touches he puts on some of his works, especially the ones where there's a healthy mix of hyperrealism and gore.
Check out these sick-looking hyperrealistic eye tattoos by Cris. They look too real they give us the creeps!
In all his years of tattooing, Cris got to make all kinds of tattoos as he developed his own style. All in all, it's the hyperrealistic and macabre works of his that we love the most.
Hyperrealism by Cris Gherman
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