Tattooed Transsexual Poses For Terrifying Mugshot!!

Tattooed Transsexual Poses For Terrifying Mugshot!!

Tattooed transsexual artist Mara Paradox was recently arrested for marijuana possession and had a terrifying mugshot.
Tattooed, literally, from head to toe Paradox posed for one of the most fear inducing police photos we've seen, and that's largely down to the blackened eyes!!
Paradox's other body modifications include face piercings and horn implants, which combined with her face tattoos makes for some intense viewing! But you've got to respect her, it takes a brave person to take on such extreme body modifications, face tattoos and implants are not for the faint of heart!!
Tattooed Transsexual
Born Chance Davis, Paradox previously worked for The Traveling Freak SideShow. Before that she spent time as part of the Venice Beach Freakshow performing acts like eating glass, hanging hooks from her eyelids and laying down on a bed of machetes!! If that's not extreme enough for you back in April Paradox chose to have her finger cut off, when asked why she offered this answer; ‘I’m a black widow. Love hurts…’
Just why???
Mara Paradox is certainly one of a kind and now has the most terrifying mugshot that has ever existed...but she's still just a little bit your tattooed eyes, cut your finger off kind of way...
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