Tattooed Uncle Wears A Princess Dress With 4-Year-Old Niece

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You wish your uncle was as cool as Izzy's tattooed hunk of an uncle Jesse Nagy!

Uncle Jesse Nagy with his niece
Uncle Jesse Nagy with his niece

Jesse Nagy's niece, Izzy was excited to see Disney’s new Cinderella live-action movie last year. Like any other four-year-old, Izzy liked Disney princesses and dressing up. Which is why she decided to dress up as as Frozen's Princess Ana to the movies. But soon after, she became worried that she's going to be the only one dressed there.

But before Izzy slips off her princess dress, super uncle Jesse is having none of it.

Adorable, huh?
Adorable, huh?


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    The 26-year-old actor immediately called up a friend for a spare dress his size. And that's how a muscled and tattooed man showed up in a sequinned, blue prom dress, a tiara, and a tiny pink bag to the movies. Total dad material right there.

    Without the dress he is a tattooed hunk!!
    Without the dress he is a tattooed hunk!!

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    “If it’s going to make her happy, I’ll do it. I don’t care,” says the 26-year old actor whose IMDB profile states that he'll be starring in 2016 film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice as Captain Welch.

    Tattooed mermaid uncle
    Tattooed mermaid uncle

    The adventures of Jesse Nagy, the tattooed princess uncle doesn't end there!



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